As contractual strategy advisors,  we  accompany our clients throughout the various stages of their projects, from decision-making to drafting, negotiating and following-up performance of their commercial agreements,  defending their interests with a view to preventing and anticipating risks and disputes.

This approach relies on the following specificities:  


An extensive knowledge of the corporate world

Thanks to our extensive experience of the corporate world and our passion for fieldwork, we  assist both top-management and operational teams. 

The flexibility of a small structure 

as a condition to achieve maximum responsiveness and relevance at all times. 

Our fees are based on time spent and the nature of works involved. We also propose other formulas. Please contact us. 

Creativity, pragmatism and pedagogy 

The originality of our respective professional backgrounds gives us a unique edge in adapting our consulting services to our clients’ requirements and constraints by applying both our creativity and independent thinking as practicing attorneys,  and a pragmatic approach to  decision-making that we derive from in-depth knowledge and experience of the operational challenges that the corporate world faces.      

One of our main goals is to make sure that our clients use the law, not as a threat, a constraint or even a foreign language,  but as a tool to further their projects, a source of security and comfort in managing their businesses and in preventing and addressing legal risks. 

With our strong experience in the fields of teaching, continued education, and sharing of expertise, and  in-depth understanding of the goals of contractual and commercial discussions in multi-cultural environments, our aim is to make the logic of the rule of law and of the reasoning to be adopted in addressing a matter accessible to our clients so that they can be sure of being enlightened decision-makers. 


Contributing to creation and progress

For more than 25 years, our practice has been aimed at supporting creative activities, such as new technologies and fashion, more particularly in the fields of commercial law and intellectual property (see “Areas of Expertise”).

We are now more than ever aware of the challenges that the corporate world has to meet, which is why we have also developed an offer specifically adapted to the needs of entrepreneurship and start-up companies.

Our fees are time-based and assessed depending upon the nature of the task at hand. We also propose fixed fee or subscription formulae.

Knowing that the legal needs of start-up businesses and of ventures which are still in their development phase are generally inversely proportional to their financialresources,  we have also designed a particularly attractive service offer tailored to meet the constraints of that specific business sector. Please consult us.